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SubjectRe: [User-mode-linux-user] Ptrace broken since 2.4.0-test8pre4?...
From said:
> I tested vanilla test7 with ptrace() patch. It breaks uml exactly
> like I see with any kernel > test7.

> exec_user.c:29 ptrace(PTRACE_SYSCALL, 4901, 0, 0) = 0
> And voila, we got SIGSEGV instead of happy running child:
> Child 4901 exited with signal 11

Yuri, I apologize for doubting you. That's about the best evidence possible
that the test8 ptrace fix is what's breaking UML and not the thread group

If anyone has any idea why that fix breaks PTRACE_SYSCALL, I'd love to know.
I'm kind of short on time at the moment, so I'm not in a great position to
delve into this at the moment.

Until this is fixed, UML doesn't work on any host kernels beyond test7.


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