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SubjectRe: Q: sock output serialization
>>>>> "jamal" == jamal  <> writes:

jamal> Packets in flight?

>> In the extreme case, there could still arrive up to the window
>> size frames.

jamal> Assuming this depends on path latency and not some bad
jamal> programming

Yes. Although the latter could also possible.

jamal> BTW, earlier i lied: there is a way to tell if your packet
jamal> will be dropped which is not very expensive:

jamal> if (atomic_read(&netdev_dropping) /* packet will be
jamal> dropped */

jamal> but even this is 99% accurate in SMP.

Well, but better than knowing nothing about congestion state.
We could at least document in the x25iface.txt kernel doc that driver
authors should check this before acknowledging frames.


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