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SubjectRe: [RFC] Wine speedup through kernel module

Bernd Eckenfels <> wrote:
> > * file-change notification
> this is interesting for other stuff too, i think irix has an interface for
> that, i think its an ioctl?

Someone did a file-change notification patch for Linux. I'm not sure exactly
what became of it, but it'd be nice to be able to build on top of it.

> > * unicode string handling/conversion (steal/share from NTFS)
> are you sure this needs to be done in the kernel? if you wat to steal the
> sourcecode of the ntfs driver do it, but why would u wat to share object
> code for that?

Implementation of Win32 wide-character functions and NT Native API calls would
require such things. And if I can share them with other bits of the kernel
(there's more than just NTFS - smbfs, msdosfs, iso9660), then I can possibly
get away with implementing less myself, and bloating the kernel less.

> > * simple RPC mechanism for building certain services in userspace
> what is that? message passing? in kernel space?

Not quite, though it could be used for that... It allows a client to give a
server access to parts of its address space, so that the server can provide
certain services. The main use I'm thinking of is having the kernelspace stubs
of the registry functions transparently invoke RPC requests in a userspace
registry server.

> > (2) A partial basic Win32 implementation (modulable):
> > * basic Win32 syscalls, eg: CreateMutexA/W
> > * _no_ GDI calls
> actuelly kCGI is there?

kCGI? What's that?

I suppose GDI calls _could_ be done as RPC requests, similar to how I'm
intending to do registry calls, but that would incur major overheads as MS
found between NT3.51 and NT4, hence why they moved the GDI implementation from
CSRSS.EXE into the kernel.

However, I was thinking more along the lines of GDI being implemented in
userspace by the client process, eg: wine.

David Howells
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