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On Tue, 19 Sep 2000, Anton Petrusevich wrote:

> Hi Linus,
> please, check carefully Rik's VM patch, it definitly contains a
> deadlock, which can be seen on low-memory computers. Try mem=8m. I
> wasn't able to use any Rik patch since against -test8 (-t8-vmpatch{2,4},
> -test9-pre{1,2}). It boots fine(mem=16m), but then stalls begin for some
> time and for infinitive time at last. I told Rik about it, he tried to
> fix but wasn't successful.
> With mem=8m it couldn't finish init scripts even.

I see it here too on 128m box when stress testing. I sent Rik the
proggy I was using, so maybe he'll be able to reproduce it.

Here it's looping in refill_inactive_scan with numbers like..
active: 20531
inactive_dirty: 102
inactive_clean: 0
free: 351
..and _seems_ to not be able to find any pages to deactivate. I see
a grunch of age_page_down_nolock/deactivate_page_nolock activity, but
active stays constant.

Box can only be saved by sysrq-e when this happens.


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