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SubjectRe: Linux-2.4.0-test9-pre2
} On Tue, Sep 19, 2000 at 09:53:41PM +0200, wrote:
} >
} >
} > >> Linus,
} > >
} > >> Where do architecture maintainers stand when they don't submit their
} > >> problems to linux-kernel or the great Ted Bug List(tm)?
} > >
} > >Up against the wall so we can shoot them?
} > >
} > >:)
} >
} > So I am one of the guys who will be shot ... I wanted to do an update for
} > the s/390 architecture since weeks but there was always something more
} > important. I finally cut some hours out of my ribs and made a patch against
} > linux-2.4.0-test8. The diff for files in arch/s390, include/asm-s390 and
} > drivers/s390 is pretty big, about 1 MB. The diffs for non s/390 files is
} > smaller, only 35 KB.
} > The question is now do you want to have the patch or do we wait until 2.4.1
} > ?
} Well, I'm not Linus (thank $DEITY for that; in that case, Linux would've
} been an operating-system for the C=64...), but imho it would be cool if
} we for once managed to release a v2.4.0 which actually managed to build
} at least for some configurations on each platform. Oh, and I do firmly
} believe that the S390 would be pretty non-critical to change, as it's
} a new platform anyway, and the userbase is probably not that large yet
} (hopefully it will become!)
} As for me, I'm content as long as MCA-support and MPC7400 support works
} properly for respectively x86 and PPC...

The problem for getting a stable 2.4.0 out is not with the architectures,
they've been stable mostly. I'm fighting a tidal wave of changes from the
PPC guys that I can't let into 2.4 or 2.2 since they're both supposed to be
stable. We have to endure VM rewrites but the architecture-specific code
has been pretty stable. If we could get a damned 2.4 our then we could
also have a 2.5 and there would be some place for these experimental
changes to go instead of the two stable trees.

I've had to create a 2.5 for the PPC tree so we aren't stuck with either no
experimentation or experimentation in the stable trees.
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