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SubjectRe: Linux-2.4.0-test9-pre2
Cort Dougan writes:
> I've had to create a 2.5 for the PPC tree so we aren't stuck with either no
> experimentation or experimentation in the stable trees.

Well, you're not alone. There's a lot going on in the ARM side of Linux
which looks very promising; yes it is true that ARM is not the fastest
or the most optimal processor that Linux runs on, but there is a lot of
people who want to run it, both from the individual and the commercial

As such, the ARM hardware that Linux now runs on is, ahem, quite varied,
and new hardware is coming along at an astounding rate - currently its
about one a week for the past 4 months (looking at the rate at which the
requests for architecture numbers come into my automated system).

So yes, you can say that I'm probably in the same boat as you are as an
architecture maintainer, albeit I've currently got a little more room
to move for the time being.

Maybe someone ought to kick off a 2.5 kernel series now, so that there's
somewhere for all these features to go (and I don't mean a private 2.5
tree). This can then be handed (maybe piecemeal) to Linus? Maybe we can
use a version number like 2.5.0-u1 upwards? (u for unofficial, or maybe
even "unoff")?

The only problem I can see with this (which I believe has been aired before)
is that it will detract from the bug fixing exercise for 2.4, since people
will be more interested in the new features of 2.5 rather than the bugs with
2.4, but then again, I'd like to be proven wrong.
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