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Subjectexperimental, non-production bits.
Alexander Viro wrote:

> How about syslog?

Well, I read syslog a lot at home and servers, but customer on-site
production computer deep reconfiguration ,
there is another paradigm - it either works 100% or I dont care.
Looks from general talk here, that some kernel people should try
servicing some customers on-site with house full of people waiting
their stable results within 24 hours and their ass being kicked if they
do not succeed.

> > and non-production modules.
> > So after a year someone would not try to use that stuff on production system.
> Well, the better way is to fix the bloody thing...

It is a bit more generic. Just to get an automatic warning for each module
which is marked experimental, so that I could rely on that, so I dont need to
dig back 100 versions of source code.

Another idea: experimental bit. Kernel would have two bits: non-production and
experimental. Whenever such a subsystem is activated, those bits remain on until


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