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SubjectRe: Oops with K6-2 350, but not with other CPUs.

On Tue, 19 Sep 2000, Horst von Brand wrote:

> Random crashes is usually a hardware problem: Bad RAM, overheated CPU,
> overclocking, ...

Yeah it probably is a dud CPU, but I'm just trying to be optimistic. :)
I've tried two other CPUs and they work fine, so it's definitely the CPU
that's the problem. I'll try a K6-2 500 this week just to make sure.

The CPU runs just under 30C so heat isn't a problem, and it's not
overclocked. I tried it at 392MHz a couple of years ago when I first got
it, but that was unstable so it went back to 350MHz pretty quickly. I've
run heaps of CPU intensive stuff with Win 95 since then, like Longbow II,
with no crashes at all.

Last week I ran memtest86 for a day with no errors at all, and on the
weekend I ran a windows 95 based cpu tester (I forget the name) that ran
for 20 hours no problems. It is strange that these things have no
problems, yet idle linux crashes, that's the bit I don't understand.

Daniel. :)

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