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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: umount report "busy" on r/o remount of root filesystem
>>>>> "Pavel" == pavelk  <> writes:

Pavel> Umount (and mount on next line too) report "/: device is busy"
Pavel> and the root filesystem stay not correctly unmounted. But when
Pavel> i press magic key "u" (emergency remount), the filesystem is
Pavel> correctly remounted. All other mounted filesystems are
Pavel> correctly unmounted by "umount -a". This bug is present only on
Pavel> my motherboard with SiS5513 chipset; on other motherboard with
Pavel> VIA chipset and the totaly same linux it's all right. The
Pavel> second thing is, that on kernels 2.2.X (up to 2.2.13, later
Pavel> i've not tested) it's ok too. The version of mount has not any
Pavel> influence.

Pavel> hardware: Pentium 75, SiS chipset, 64MB RAM HDD WDC AC36400L
Pavel> 6449MB, DMA disabled, PIO 4

Pavel> software: kernel 2.4.0-test7 gcc 2.95.2 binutils 2.10 mount
Pavel> 2.10o glibc 2.1.3

2.2.13 and gcc-2.95.2 are not compatible, try with the correct
compiler first.

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