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SubjectRe: [RFC] Wine speedup & "dynamic system calls are not going to happen."
From (Linus Torvalds) wrote:
> David Howells <> wrote:
> >
> >Oliver Neukum <> wrote:
> >> > (3) Even if it was... just filling in the syscall slot from a module means
> >> > that it is possible for the module to be unloaded whilst the syscall is in
> >> > use.
> Note that all this is not the problem.
> The problem is that dynamic system calls are not going to happen.
> License issues. I will not allow system calls to be added from modules.
> Because I do not think that adding a system call is a valid thing for a
> module to do. It's that easy.
> It's the old thing about "hooks". You must not sidestep the GPL by just
> putting a hook in place. And dynamic system calls are the ultimate hook.

What about nfsd's "nfsservctl" syscall then? This appears to be modulable...

Anyway, I didn't mean using a random syscall number provided by the kernel
upon loading the module, but having one number preallocated for the purpose as
is done in knfsd.

Do you think, then, that I should be putting my stuff up for inclusion in the
kernel proper (say v2.5)? Or do you think I shouldn't be using a syscall at
all? Or should I just be offering it as a kernel patch that has to be applied
for use?

David Howells

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