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Subjectsocket connect problems in latest kernel

I have a heavy workload to benchmark a proxy server and it generates over
1000 simultaneous sessions requesting files of different sizes.
I have two seperate problems that I would like clarified:

1. On the newer versions of the kernel, 2.4.XXX I see way too many connect
requests timing out when the load (simultaneous connections and time) is
increased... even when other connections finish, the ones that were hanging
on the connect still continue to hang. My question is
a. Why does this happen more in the 2.4 series
b. Should application programs really take care of connect time outs them

2. Second problem. I am using IP masquerading and proxy ARP. When going
through the proxy ARP machine, once in a while a connect completely gets
lost and the proxy machine never sees the request at all! And this does not
happen at all in the 2.2 kernel series at all... no matter how bad the load


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