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SubjectRe: EXT2-fs error and geometry walk ... ???
On Mon, Sep 18, 2000 at 04:50:55AM -0700, Andre Hedrick wrote:

[ext2 errors and fdisk complaints on 2.4.0test8, patched?]


(i) Geometry does not play any role in the functioning of Linux -
it is only a matter to LILO and fdisk. So, if you meet
a strange geometry, then that is surprising, but cannot cause other errors.
Of course it is possible that the same bug causes both ext2 errors
and a strange geometry report.
(ii) You find exactly the same fdisk oddities, and exactly the same
ext2 errors on each of four disks. This sounds more like a programming
than like a hardware error, although of course I do not know what kind of
hardware setup you use.

So, perhaps you should explain what you do.
If this is an unpatched vanilla 2.4.0test8 then I am surprised.
But if it is a patched version I would prefer to blame the patch.

> ext2_readdir: bad entry in directory #2: rec_len % 4 != 0 - offset=0, inode=2, rec_len=14, name_len=1
> This did not happen in the past.

Do you have a reproducible situation, with a kernel
that functions and a kernel that fails?

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