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Subject2.4.0-test9-pre1: Memory in use grows rapidly with no application responsible
[Disclaimer: I'm a newbie.]

I was closely monitoring the memory usage on my system while testing
something. I decided to run updatedb to try to make the system less
responsive and see if a realtime program would hold up. For no
apparent reason, while updatedb was running free(1) reported that the
memory in use (+/- buffers/cache) was skyrocketing steadily. Looking
at the process lists, no application was anywhere near the 95mb that
the used memory had risen by. After the updatedb process had
completed, the memory in use stopped climbing but it never went down
below the 95mb that the memory usage had exploded by, even after
killing X and just about every process.

I have seen similar situations occur with various 2.4.0-test kernels.
Even dropping down to single-user mode still reports that a lot of
memory is in use, and no process is anywhere near large enough to be a
significant part of it. The system is an Athlon with an IDE disk drive
and an ext2 filesystem on that drive. I can provide further information
if would be helpful.

Aaron Lehmann

p.s. please CC: me in on replys ... thanks
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