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SubjectRe: stuck on TLB IPI wait (CPU#0) at 2.2.17+reiserfs+ide+raid

--On 09/16/00 10:53:04 +0900 Hisaaki Shibata <> wrote:

> Hi!
> few weeks ago, I installed a PROMISE Ultra66 IDE card into my SMP Linux
> box. But my box sometimes hang up at high load avarage with "stuck on TLB
> IPI wait (CPU#0)" messages.
> I upgrade my kernel to 2.2.17 but it also hangs.
> My kernel is linux-2.2.17 with following pathes.
> linux-2.2.17-reiserfs-3.5.25-patch.gz
> ide.2.2.17.all.20000904.patch.bz2
> raid-2.2.17-A0
> Without reiserFS and ide patch, My box worked very well at 2.2.16+raid
> patch.
> Please show me what to report to contribute to kernel hackers.

This is a known issue with the way reiserfs uses the scheduler task queue.
The following patch from Andi Kleen should take care of it for you:

--- linux/kernel/sched.c-o Wed Feb 9 14:27:20 2000
+++ linux/kernel/sched.c Wed Mar 29 12:53:41 2000
@@ -803,6 +803,7 @@
goto handle_bh_back;

+ __sti();
goto tq_scheduler_back;

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