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SubjectRe: [User-mode-linux-user] Ptrace broken since 2.4.0-test8pre4?...
Jeff Dike wrote:

> said:
> > Beeing an active user mode linux user :-) I can say that since
> > 2.4.0-test8 (host kernel) I cannot run uml-linux successfully.
> > In contrast with popular feeling that "threaded programes screwed
> > signal handling on test8.", it is actually a small change to arch/
> > i386/ptrace.c introduced since test8pre4.
> I don't see a problem with the ptrace fix. Before changing EIP, UML saves all
> of the process registers into the thread struct. So that change to ORIG_EAX
> shouldn't matter as far as UML is concerned.
> Jeff

But it does matter, one of user-process threads gets SEGV very early
during uml boot under host kernel >= test8.

I can try to localize this place in case you are not able to reproduce
the crash, but I suppose you can see it yourself.

Did you actually try to run uml on that kernels?

Yuri Pudgorodsky

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