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SubjectRe: The INN/mmap bug

On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, Andreas Dilger wrote:

> Alexander writes:
> > * uptodate pages should never become non-uptodate.
> > uptodate .. pages ... never have data _older_ than on disk
> This may actually be a problem in the future... what about shared access
> block devices like FCAL or a distributed filesystem? It has to be
> possible for pages to become non-uptodate in a sane way.

So what the heck do you do when something modifies mmaped page when you
get the change of on-disk one? Say it, writer is notified that write had
been completed, sends packet to you and you flip a bit on a page that
happens to be mmaped on the place where write had happened.

Write-through-pagecache is OK, but write straight to disk bypassing the
cache? Welcome to the fun with aliases...

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