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Horst von Brand wrote:
> I've been using a 3com 3CCFE575CT 10/100 Eth cardbus card without any
> trouble in 2.2.18pre and 2.4.0-test8 together with pcmcia-cs-3.1.21 (Sep 5
> snapshot). I'm running Red Hat 6.2 on that machine (Toshiba Satellite Pro
> 4280 XDVD) with DHCP. pump works, and sets up the interface. But
> 2.4.9-test9-pre2 complains that the device isn't there. The module loads.

Hi, Horst.

Bit confused by this one. The changes in test9-pre2 shouldn't affect
the 3CCFE575CT, and mine works OK. Are you sure it's not the PCI
resource allocation problem?

Have you tried backing out to the 2.5.0-test9-pre1 3c59x.c?
Alternatively, try backing out to test9-pre1's drivers/pci/pci.c.

Failing that, I'll need logs, ifconfig output, etc. You know the
deal :)
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