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Subject[patchlet] Update help for COMX

The drivers/net/wan/comx.c #errors if it is compiled in a kernel
without procfs support. The following patch updates the documentation
to state this. I have cc'ed the maintainer so he can comment.

--- linux-240test8-pre1/Documentation/ Tue Aug 29 22:20:51 2000
+++ linux/Documentation/ Wed Aug 30 00:14:24 2000
@@ -7864,6 +7864,9 @@
and using COMX interfaces. Further info on these cards can be found
at or <>.

+ You must say Y to "/proc file system support" (CONFIG_PROC_FS) to
+ use this driver.
If you want to compile this as a module, say M and read
Documentation/modules.txt. The module will be called comx.o.

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