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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Re: SCSI scanning
On Mon, Sep 18 2000, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Actually, hold off a moment.
> It turns out that the MODULE case does all the right things, for all the
> obvious reasons. I'm running a kernel that has the #ifdef MODULE stuff
> just removed, and it seems to be a rather easy approach. It really only
> required making a few things static (the init routines would clash
> otherwise), and removing a lot of #ifdef MODULE.
> (And removing some code that was enabled only for non-modules).
> It looks very straightforward.

What about the case when scsi is compiled into the kernel with one or
more host adapters? We have to initialize those right away. Please
explain what you did with all the host initialization (spin-up, etc.)
in scsi_dev_init.

You could also just send me a diff, and I'll take a look.

Torben Mathiasen <>
Linux ThunderLAN maintainer
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