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SubjectRe: uid
2.4 does indeed use 32-bit integers for uid and gid in all places, with
the exception of BSD process accounting (for now). Quota should work fine
with UIDs >65535; however, you can not use the full 32 bits of UID due to
the format of the quota file. (you should be fine with hundreds of
thousands or even millions of UIDs)

To use 32-bit UIDs, you'll need to use a version of glibc with the proper
kernel support. You do not need to recompile existing glibc software.

The current development version of glibc (2.2, available only in CVS for
the moment) has 32-bit UID support; you can also download a patched
version of glibc 2.1 from here:

with source here:

Sorry, everything I have at the moment is in RedHat 6.x compatible RPM
format only. You can pull apart the source RPM to get the glibc patch out.

I also have a patched version of linux 2.2.16 with 32-bit UID support
compatible with 2.4 at the above URLs.


tar should work okay, I think; by default it uses textual user names
instead of numeric UIDs.

-Chris Wing

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