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SubjectRe: ufs fs at 2.2.x and 2.4.x

On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, Elmer Joandi wrote:

> 1. First - it mounted a ufs but showed nothing.... long time to find the
> 44bsd senseless
> option.

Sigh... Would you prefer six-seven fs types? You see, 4.4 UFS != Slowlaris
UFS. And no, FreeBSD implementation is not happy with it either.

> 2. ok, linux up&running, samba and MS Windows Nx100MB profiles copying by few
> users.
> After a while - MS tells me : media is read-only.... what a hell.
> going to command line - the partition IS now readonly....

Internal error in driver => remount read-only (alternatives: warn and keep
going; just panic). How about syslog?

> 3. -o remount,rw : disk full (not really)

... well, doh - basically you've been in panic() situation and you wonder
that part of kernel that was responsible is for fsckup is, well, fscked

> It would be nice, if for 2.4 there would be mandatory printk for expermiental

printk is a overkill, but config _does_ keep r/w UFS under "exeprimental"
(2.4 at least)

> and non-production modules.
> So after a year someone would not try to use that stuff on production system.

Well, the better way is to fix the bloody thing...

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