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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Re: SCSI scanning

On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, Torben Mathiasen wrote:
> What about the case when scsi is compiled into the kernel with one or
> more host adapters? We have to initialize those right away.

Actually, we don't. It's really equivalent to just having two or
more modules.

> Please
> explain what you did with all the host initialization (spin-up, etc.)
> in scsi_dev_init.

It's all gone.

Look at the module paths. They all do the same thing, except there it's
nicely per-controller. It's just hidden in scsi_module.c: the
scsi_register_module() thing will do it all for you.

So when yu remove the #ifdef MODULE logic from the controller driver code,
the spin-up and scanning still gets done - without any global help from
scsi_dev_init() at all.

And think about it - if this part didn't work, then loadable SCSI modules
would never have worked. And every single distribution I know of basically
depends on SCSI drivers being loadable modules, because there are just too
effing many of them ;)

I'll make a test9-pre3 so that you can synch up, but I need to integrate
all the 2.2.x stuff that Alan sent me yesterday first ;)


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