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SubjectRe: uid
Yes, 2.4 has 32bit uid/gid support.  No, 2.2 doesn't, but there is a patch
from You'll probably have
to do some work to fit the patches into the latest 2.2 kernels though, as
they're no longer being maintained in leu of 2.4.

In addition to running a 2.4 kernel, you'll also need to hack up glibc to
recognize the new syscalls the kernel provides for 32bit uid/gid support.
It's claimed that glibc 2.2 will have this, but you'll have to wait until
it is released. I hacked 2.1.3 with satisfactory results.

If you use quotacheck from quota-x.x.tar.gz and you enable the direct ext2
support stuff, you'll have to hack it up to properly reassemble uids/gids.
The same applies to debugfs from e2progs-x.y.tar.gz, and any other utility
which accesses the ext2 filesystem directly - as opposed to using standard
filesystem routines.

If you're interested in process accounting, be aware that the accounting
file format is still mired with 16bit uids/gids. Fortunately this one is
trivial to fix, as long as you don't mind abandoning your old accounting
files. I think the 2.2->2.4 transition would be a great time to make the
switch, officially.

Be aware that other utilities that deal with uids/gids may break. Tar is
one of them. The tar format specifies 16bit uids/gids. Patching tar may
not be wise if you're going to share the tarballs with other systems. ELF
core files also suffers this problem. I'm sure I left out others.

Tracy Stenvik
University Computing Services 354843. University of Washington
email: voice: (206) 685-3344

On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, octave klaba wrote:

> Hi,
> I read that the hard limit of the number of the users on
> 2.2.x is 65000 and on 2.4.x it will be more.
> I just wonder if it is true and if we have to wait for 2.4.x
> to have more that 65000 users with kernel's quota management ?
> Thanks
> Octave
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