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SubjectRe: PERCRAID 3 drivers?

As a matter of fact I already have such a kernel compiled but I need to be
there in person to make sure it doesn't blow up. :)

There were four files:


The only part of the patchs that caused a reject with 2.2.17 was this:

--- linux/drivers/scsi/scsi.c.aacraid Tue Jun 13 12:52:09 2000
+++ linux/drivers/scsi/scsi.c Tue Jun 13 12:52:42 2000
@@ -307,6 +307,8 @@
{"iomega","jaz 1GB","J.86", BLIST_NOTQ | BLIST_NOLUN},
+{"HP", "NetRAID-4M", "*", BLIST_FORCELUN},
{"MegaRAID", "LD", "*", BLIST_FORCELUN},
* Must be at end of list...
Easily addable by hand.

Though I am concerned about the KNOWNBUGS file that was in the 1.0.3 patch
but was removed by the later version patches. It seems to indicate its a
bad idea to compile it directly in the kernel. Is it better to compile it
as a module?

Thanks for your time...

On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, Jon Mitchell wrote:

> On Sun, Sep 17, 2000 at 09:40:18AM -0500, wrote:
> > The aacraid driver was submitted to Alan Cox, but rejected because it has
> > too many "NTism's" in it, which are being addressed. Please see the Red Hat
> > Linux "Pinstripe" beta kernel source RPM for the source code, or contact me
> > privately.
> Or, you can get this yourself. Evidently the source code is released.
> By going to Dell's website and downloading the kernel source rpm for
> 2.2.16-3, then installing the kernel rpm with rpm -i. Finally go into the
> /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES directory and you will find two files with aacraid
> in the name. These patches will apply (patch is able to make due with the
> slight line number changes) with only a couple of exceptions. You will
> find the rejects extremely easy to fix because 3 out of 4 of them are
> already in the kernel, only one thing actually needs to be fixed by hand.
> Then make config and say yes to adaptec raid controller question. Just
> had to do this last week, and if necessary I can make a patch and send it
> out that applies correctly to the 2.2.18pre series.
> --
> Jon Mitchell
> Systems Engineer, Subject Wills & Company
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