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SubjectRe: Availability of kdb


I think they said they could care less about kernel debuggers. Just go
write one, use Keith's or ours or whatever, and do what you want with
your Linux development -- Linus doesn't seem to care if you just make a
fork of Linux or someone else does with a debugger for your projects.
These guys have been debugging and developing their OS over the internet
for a long time, their debugging methods seem more tied to their
"telepathic repore" with each other and some very solid and studious
skills at reviewing code rapidly and a thorough understanding of it.
They also have the luxury of taking the world at their own pace with
Linux evolution and have stated no desire to change their philosophy.

Just go grab a debugger, patch and go. For some things I need to debug,
kdb doesn't cut it, so I have my own tools that are more powerful for
the specialized type of stuff we have to do, but it doesn't seem to
offend anyone if this is how you want to do it. Just go do it.



"David S. Miller" wrote:
> Which one of them was %100 distributed where no two of the developers
> were in the same building and the only method of communication was
> electronic?
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