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Subjectinit/main.c do-while bug still there ?
First of all, sorry for posting to the list without being subscribed.

I have seen in kernel 2.4.0-test8 and test9-pre2 sources that a bug that was
making kernel 2.2.18 not bootable is still present. Someone said it was
a back-ported bug, so I supposed that the patcd had been "for-ported"
(what a kick to English...). But as I saw in sources it is still there.

Is something related with the <do {} while> and <while{}> semantics in
init/main.c, in the <checksetup> and <do_initcalls> functions.

I have recently seen messages in the list about kernel stopping just in
"booting linux...", that was just what 2.2.18 did because of that bug.
It is not buggy in 2.4 ? Is a bug only in 2.2 for some external reason ?
Juan Antonio Magallon Lacarta
Grupo de Informatica Grafica Avanzada
Tlf: 34-976-762354,1916 - Fax: 34-976-761914
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