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SubjectPERCRAID 3 drivers?


The organization I do some work for purchased a rackmount server from
Dell with the intent of running some webconferencing software under
Linux. The salesman we had spoken to assured us that Linux fully
supported the machine. <sarcasm> Yeah... Right... </sarcasm> :)

Now it seems I'm stuck with a PERCRAID 3 card that only has support in
the form of a binary kernel module for kernel 2.2.14 (w/ redhat's
patches). While the box runs fine with this kernel, I would definatly
like to upgrade the kernel to something that doesn't have so many known
flaws ;) The machine is already in use so switching raid cards isn't much
of an option at this time.

A check of Dell's (rather horrible) support website only turns up the
binary module mentioned above. Does anyone know anything about these
PERCRAID 3 cards and if there is an opensource driver? or at least a
binary module for a newer kernel?

Thanks for your time...

Bruce A. Locke

"The Internet views censorship as damage and routes around it"

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