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SubjectRe: Attempting to mount Zip causes floppy access (2.2.16)
Hi Nick.

> I have a zip disk which I attempted to mount using the following
> fstab entry:

> /dev/sda4 /zip vfat noauto,nodev,nosuid,user

===8<=== CUT ===>8===

> The Zip is a bit suspect, as when I attempted to transfer stuff
> from a Windows machine, it reported the size as a few Mb, and
> had to be formatted. I don't know if the media is going bad, but
> I have just dd'd the contents off without problems.

> If I try and look at the partition table, "cfdisk" refuses, and
> "fdisk" complains bitterly. If I try and "dd if=/dev/sda4" then
> this just hangs, again in "wait_on_buffer".

Is this connected with the L-K thread a while back about some jumper
on newer ZipDrives needing to be changed for them to work properly? My
ZipDrive is old enough not to be affected by that problem, so I didn't
take too much notice of the thread, but I vaguely remember it.

I can't help re your floppy query though...sorry...

Best wishes from Riley.

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