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SubjectRe: PERCRAID 3 drivers?
> The organization I do some work for purchased a rackmount server from 
> Dell with the intent of running some webconferencing software under
> Linux. The salesman we had spoken to assured us that Linux fully
> supported the machine. <sarcasm> Yeah... Right... </sarcasm> :)
> Now it seems I'm stuck with a PERCRAID 3 card that only has support in
> the form of a binary kernel module for kernel 2.2.14 (w/ redhat's
> patches). While the box runs fine with this kernel, I would definatly
> like to upgrade the kernel to something that doesn't have so many known
> flaws ;) The machine is already in use so switching raid cards isn't much
> of an option at this time.
> A check of Dell's (rather horrible) support website only turns up the
> binary module mentioned above. Does anyone know anything about these
> PERCRAID 3 cards and if there is an opensource driver? or at least a
> binary module for a newer kernel?

AFAIK, Dell wrote these drivers themselfs and they are unwilling to release
the source. The Perc controller (if you look inside the box) is made by
adaptec. Personally I think this raid controller is crap (well, under linux
anyway.). We have a server at work with this controller and writing to the
raid array is slow. This one was so slow infact, that you couldn't do
anything on the machine. (probably badly written driver)

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