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SubjectRe: RAID HW Questions...
On Sun, 17 Sep 2000, Bryan Whitehead wrote:
>A guy in the down under (.au) sent me this driver. Aparently Adaptec
>developes their OpenSource driver privatly and only gives out copies to
>"special" customers.

You've never had to deal with Adaptec. I'd rather build my own SCSI
controller out of transisters than deal with those [censored].

I used to have the respect for DPT. Well, there's one more fine company

>It works in 2.2.16 and 2.2.17 :)) 6 months of hell has come (mostly) to
>an end.

The published 1.09 driver works as well with a bit of hand holding.

The root problem is that you don't know what to do to get it working. There's
nothing wrong with that aside from you storming into lkml as if you knew
what you were doing (your little "resumette") but couldn't get anything to
work "for 6 months." [2.2.15 was the latest kernel six months ago. The
1.09 driver from DPT drops directly into 2.2.15 without modification.]

Has anyone thought about including the DPT I2O driver in the main kernel?
The license in the files don't preclude doing this. Yeah, I'm more than
aware of the source code being "b****-slapped ugly", but then we wouldn't
have to deal with Adaptec screwing all of DPT's customers.


PS: I'd really like to see the native I2O drivers running this card.
(I'd need another card to continue development as my only system with
a SRV is "live".)

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