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SubjectRe: Very aggressive swapping after 2 hours rest
On Sun, Sep 17, 2000 at 03:42:08PM -0400, Byron Stanoszek wrote:
> Not to be a bother, but I would still like to see a value or at least someone
> tell me what calculations I would need to do with the values listed in
> /proc/meninfo in order to determine the number of pages actually in-use by
> processes (or in otherwords, the amount of memory I can allocate before I fill

You can do that with classzone with SYSRQ+M. There's a "map: " line that tells
you how many pages of page cache in the system are mapped in userspace memory.
This is done by accounting this information during page fault while dropping
the page from the lru_cache (the information is not in function of the aging

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