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SubjectRE: webcam II & kernel compiling
Hi Joe,

> I have 2 questions.
> 1) Who is working on the webcam II cpia driver. Under NT I can get 15
> to 25 fps, while Linux seems to be limited to 15 max. Is this a hard
> coded value in the lernel somewhere and is there plans for changing
> this? (I know that this is an experimental driver, but
> rebooting to NT is just not what I want to do. 8-)

See for current driver.
I don't know if it's any faster though.
Are you using the parallel or USB camera?

> 2) I recently read that when upgrading to a new kernel you should not
> compile the new kernel in /usr/src/linux . If I upgrade to a
> new kernel
> what is the 'proper method' and what other program will I need to
> recompile to take full advantage of the new kernel? (the more detail
> the better and please email just me and not the kernel list )

There was a big email thread about this.
You could do as Linus says that he does and build it
in /home/joeja/..., such as
/home/joeja/kernel/v2.4-test8/ or whatever naming convention
you like.

For the other software needed for 2.4 kernels,
you'll need to read /your_path_choice/linux/Changes .
It lists all software updates that are needed.
[If you want to read it before downloading all of
the Linux 2.4 kernel, I can send it to you tomorrow
or you should be able to view it at a Linux xref
web site.]


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