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SubjectAnnounce: 8139too net driver update
Continued the march towards stable version 1.0, new version 0.9.10 of
8139too is now available at

The 8139too net driver is intended to be a faster and more stable
replacement for the existing rtl8139 net driver, for RTL8139-based
NICs. Changes in this version include:

* Never wrap an Rx packet (faster Rx interrupt handling)
* Clear all TxAborted conditions (bug fix)
* Correct copyright
* More credits
* Update NWay doc URL
* Clean up commonly used ifdef switches
* Reorg info displayed at bootup/modprobe time
* Remove some unneeded spinlocks
* Misc cosmetic code cleanup
* Always print interrupt status for abnormal interrupts
* Use RealTek-recommended FIFO and DMA burst settings (1024 bytes)

A 2.2.x backport of 8139too, contributed by Jens David, is also
available. Note that this is unsupported, and that the latest version
of the driver may not always be available for 2.2.x kernels.

Questions, comments, and patches are always welcome.


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