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SubjectRe: Linux RAS
I'd also want the default kernel build to create a symbol table namelist
object that gets installed into $(INSTALL_PATH) that correlates to the
kernel build. That way you build a symbol table mechanism for user-space
applications that want more complete kernel debug information, but do it
without bloating the kernel with all that gstabs data (which is
duplicated many times over if you turn on -gstabs for an entire build).

CONFIG_??* options are good to know about, but what really matters to
me during debugging is how those CONFIG_??* settings actually change
structure definitions. And the only way to really know that is to
have the gstabs data outlining what is in the kernel.

How does that sound?


Daniel Phillips wrote:
> Keith Owens wrote:
> > * Standardize on tracking the and .config with the kernel.
> There was a suggestion from Alan Cox that .config.gz be appended to
> bzImage, after the part that gets loaded into memory, to which I added
> the suggestion that also be appended. That about takes
> care of all the descriptive kernel information that normally gets out
> of sync.
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