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    SubjectBooting new kernel from running kernel


    I'm trying to figure out a way to immediately boot a
    new kernel from within a running system. I do not
    care about gracefully shutting down the first kernel..
    once I decide to run the new kernel, I'll abandon the

    I'm running from a system that consists of a kernel +
    initrd, and I'm running completely from the ramdisk.
    No disk, no lilo. This is a PowerPC system.

    Let's say I fetch a znetboot.initrd from somewhere.
    How do I get this new system to boot from my running

    Another way to look at this is that I want to use the
    first Linux kernel as a boot loader for the second.

    Some of the issues I see so far... I need to get the
    znetboot.initrd image into contiguous physical memory,
    without having previously reserved a sufficiently large
    space, so I can force a jump to the proper entry point,
    and initiate the normal Linux boot. It's trivial to
    get the image into a contiguous virtual space, but how
    does one allocate several megabytes of contiguous RAM
    in physical space, on the fly in a running system?

    Please CC: replies to me as I'm not subscribed to this


    Frank Smith, MCompSci
    Principal Software Designer
    AMIRIX Systems Inc.
    Embedded Debian Project
    77 Chain Lake Drive 902-450-1700 x289 (Phone)
    Halifax, N.S. B3S 1E1 902-450-1704 (FAX)
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