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SubjectRe: [patch] Card services & yenta driver

On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, Andrew Morton wrote:
> Finally some clarity with what is going on inside this Dell CPx650
> laptop (TI PCI1225 Cardbus bridge). Yes, it _is_ contact bounce. It
> seems to find the 3com NIC particularly offensive - the card can easily
> bounce out 150 milliseconds after the first insertion interrupt.

The patch looks ok, but the SS_DEBOUNCE thing is horrible.

Why do it? All of the SS_DETECT logic is inside cs.c anyway. Now you
introduce SS_DEBOUNCE to fix a cs.c bug, and "export" that cs.c logic bug
into the low-level driver.

An alternative, and probably more logical, fix is much simpler: add a

socket->events = 0;

to "yenta_get_status()". Nothing more, nothing less.

Why? Because the whole point of the socket->handler() callback is to tell
the cs layer that something new happened. But if the cs layer already did
a "get_status()", then obviously the event is no longer "new". So it
should be cleared out.


Also, I'd be a lot happier just changing all timeouts to microseconds.
"centiseconds" really don't exist as a valid amount of time.


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