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SubjectRe: Update Linux 2.4 Status/TODO list
On Sep 14, Alexander Viro <> wrote:

>> - the whole active file is now 100% identical to the saved copy
>Ugh... How about relevant subset of strace?
I tried doing that for Andrea but I think it's not useful, active is
mmapped and strace shows nothing interesting.

>> Right now it happened after the daily expire run: I stopped INN and the
>> file on disk changed to the copy I saved before expire started.
>Wait a minute. I don't believe in on-disk file being restored by magic,
>but I could believe in page(s) being never written to disk and giving the
>impression of "update that doesn't stick". You have a file shorter than
Sure, this is what I meant.
But what about the mtime which does not get updated?

>BTW, how does test8+patch to block_truncate_page() behave?
I missed it, do you still have the patch?

>And what is the block size on your fs?
Filesystem revision #: 1 (dynamic)
Filesystem features: filetype sparse_super
Block size: 4096


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