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SubjectRe: Proposal: Linux Kernel Patch Management System
Russell King writes:
> Mitchell Blank Jr writes:
> > If they're able to create a patch, hopefully they'd be able to fill in
> > a simple email template (and I've seen some pretty dim folks manage to
> > register domains with InterNIC, so email templates aren't that hard :-)
> >
> > We could even have a simple web page where you check a few boxes and
> > fill in "URL to patch" and hit submit.
> You reckon? Its hard enough with mailing lists - I've seen people
> send email subscription requests to majordomo@list to subscribe to a
> mailman list, along with sending subscription requests to the
> mailing list address etc. What makes you think that if humanity
> can't handle mailing lists that humanity will handle an email
> template or a simple web page?

Humanity can't handle patching kernels either. And with the Darwinist
development model, those who can't fill in the template have their
patches go to /dev/null


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