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Subjectsb.o in 2.4.0test8
Is support for the soundblaster 16 broken in 2.4.0test7/8.  Whether I
compile sb support into the kernel or as a module, it always fails to
load. I have a non-pnp genuine soundblaster 16. The module always
fails to load saying that I specified the wrong io/irq/etc. The
parameters are correct though. The module loads fine with 2.3.99preX
kernels and 2.2 kernels. Has there been a change to the 2.4 kernels
that requires some special configuration for sound, or a change to the
modules.conf? If I compile sb support into the kernel and specify the
parameters to the kernel it also fails to detect the card.

I'm using modutils 2.3.16. I updated from 2.3.15 because 2.3.15 had
trouble finding the dependencies for usb modules. everything else works

Any thoughts?


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