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SubjectRe: NFS locking bug -- limited mtime resolution means nfs_lock() does not provide coherency guarantee

Jeff Epler <> writes:
> > > Is there a solution that would allow the kind of guarantee our
> > > software wants with non-linux nfsds without the cache-blowing
> > > that the change I'm suggesting causes?

> > As you can see, the idea is to look at whether or not the file has
> > changed recently (I arbitrarily chose a full minute as a concession
> > towards clusters with lousy clock synchronization). If it has, then
> > the page cache is zapped. If not, we force ordinary attribute cache
> > consistency checking.

On Thu, Sep 14, 2000 at 09:48:50AM -0700, Michael Eisler wrote:
> The fix still does not provide coherency guarantees in all situations, and
> at minimum, there ought to be a way to force the client provide a coherency
> guarantee.

I agree.

I wish that the way to force the guarantee was through fcntl(F_???LK), but
we'll take whatever way we can get.

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