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SubjectQuantum lct08 & Promise Ultra66

Hi, all

Just have compiled 2.4.0-test8 today...
Nothing interesting
Everything goes the same way as 2 test releases before...
All my devices are detected right, but... :-(
Kernel panic again at the file systems mounting point.

Final error message, as I remember it, sounds like:
Error reading sector 0... 21:41 dev hdf1
or something like that

Sorry for disturbance but I'd like only to know
(from developers first of course :-)
if somebody going to heal it
or new kernel (future final release I mean)
will not support my hardware config by default? :-)

GigaByte GA-BX2000+ motherboard with Promise Ultra66
controller onboard.

In brief:
128Mb RAM
Matrox G400-SH 16Mb

Primary Master:
Samsung SC-148 CDROM

Promise Ultra66 Primary Master:
Fujitsu MPE3084AE 8.4Gb
(W2K installed)

Promise Ultra66 Primary Slave:
Quantum Fireball lct08 8.4Gb
(Linux - ugly loadable (from floppy 2.2.15) through common trick: "linux
ide2=0xd400,0xd802,11 root=/dev/hdf1")

Best wishes,

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