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    Yes !

    The FF experiments with 2.1.X indicated improvement factor about 2-3 times
    with skb recycling. With combination of FF and skb recycling we could reach
    fast Ethernet wire speed forwarding on 400 Mhz CPU. About ~147 KPPS.
    As jamal reported the improvement is much less today but the forwarding
    performance is impressive even without FF and skb recycling. Slab seems
    to do a good job and especially when the debug is disabled. :-)


    Andi Kleen writes:
    > On Thu, Sep 14, 2000 at 11:59:32PM +1100, Andrew Morton wrote:
    > > That's 20 usec per interrupt, of which 1 usec could be saved by skb
    > > pooling.
    > FF usually runs with interrupt mitigation at higher rates (8-16 or even
    > more packets / interrupt). I agree though that it probably does not
    > make too much difference. alloc_skb could probably be made cheaper
    > for the FF case by being more clever in the slab constructor (I think
    > there was some bitrot during 2.3 on the cache line usage -- 2.2 pretty
    > much only needed 2 cache lines in the header for a FF packet)
    > -Andi
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