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>>>>> "jamal" == jamal  <> writes:

jamal> The FF code of the tulip does have skb recycling code. And i
jamal> belive Jes' acenic code does or did at some point. Robert
jamal> Olson and I were thinking of taking out that code out of the
jamal> tulip for reasons such as you talk about (and the thought maybe
jamal> that the per-CPU slab might have obsoleted that
jamal> requirement). We did some tests with 2.4.0-test7 and were
jamal> suprised to observe that at high rate of input packets, it
jamal> still made as a big a difference as 7000 packets per second ;->
jamal> i.e we got 7Kpps more by using skb recycling.

I tried recycling in the acenic driver, but after adding Ingo's early
per CPU slab caches I couldn't see any measurable performance gain
from using recycling.

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