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SubjectRe: RAW NTFS Partition


I will be reposting these to the lkml since they relate to bugs in Linux
NTFS. We can no longer distribute this tool due to legal problems with

Jeff wrote:
> I found the below message while searching the newsgroups and am in need of the
> utility you mention. I have a similar problem as the gentleman below with a
> RAW NTFS partition on my Win2k box because of using Linux to access it. May I
> have access to the utility--it is urgent that I recover my data. Thank you.
> -Eric
> Subject: Re: how to recovery my NTFS partition
> Date: 06/22/2000
> Author: Jeff V. Merkey <>
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> Yipes! I have a program that will recover W2K NTFS volumes trashed by Linux
> NTFS, but it's fairly tough to use, and you have to be careful. It sounds like
> you wiped the volume manager stuff, but the FS data can be recovered if you:
> 1. Alter the root MFT record to identify the FS as NT 4.0 format (W2K will
> rebuild the Volume Manager Info).
> 2. Zap all 16 MFT entries with '0's except the MFT and MFT mirror and upcase
> table (you can even zap this one) -- chkdsk will rebuild. 3. Remove all
> defined attributes except the data runs for the files.
> All of these things can be performed with this tool, and the tool also has all
> the NTFS on-disk structures defined, and will display them and allow you to
> walk through the trashed volume and fix stuff.
> This program runs under Windows, and was jointly written by
> TRG/Microsoft with the help of David Goebel, the guy who wrote the "real"
> NTFS. I can send you a **BINARY** version, but you cannot distribute it or
> post it anywhere, or I can get in big trouble, but if you are using MS
> technology, I am happy to help you fix your trashed drive, and this utility is
> extremely useful. MS has given us permission to help any of their customers
> with NTFS, so this will be OK.
> We are happy to also provide this tool to those Linux folks who need to track
> down NTFS problems, so anyone else out there who needs it, let us know.
> :-)
> Jeff
> liuxgmail wrote:
> >
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I met a serious trouble, my NTFS partition have become a "raw"
> > partition and I cann't read the content on it.
> > I have installed rehat 6.1 and windows 2000 on my pc. in my linux
> > kernel image, I selected the "read and write NTFS file system'.
> > In linux, I mount the ntfs partition (/dev/hda6), and write some
> > files on it. It's ok.
> > when I reboot my pc to windows 2000 , it report some disk error
> > on drive D:(/dev/hda6).I used the chkdisk to check error.It ask me to reboot
> and
> > the os will auto-check it. after I reboot the windows 2000 , the drive D:
> > become a 'raw' partition. In linux, fdisk can recognise it(NTFS) , but
> cann't
> > read or write it.
> > How can I recovery the content on the partition?
> >
> > thanks in advance!
> > liuxgmail
> >
> >
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