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SubjectRe: Microsoft NT/W2K/Linux NTFS Repair/Debug Tool


Microsoft has threatened us with litigation due to our support of Linux
NTFS development, and we have dissolved our NTFS licensing agreements
with Microsoft in response to their demands that cease to support Linux
development. Microsoft demanded that we delete any and all NTFS tools
we had been providing to customers based on their intellectual
property. As a result of this, we can no longer provide this tool in
the United States. There are folks on the linux list, however, who can
provide assistance, so I am forwarding you there.

Jeff Merkey

"César F. Acebal" wrote:
> Dear Sir:
> I have just seen your message in the Linux Kernel Archive. The true is
> that I have damaged my NTFS partition of Windows 2000 Server, and I was
> wondering if there were a chance to recover the information on it (it
> was all my data there, and I have no emergency repair disk).
> Can you help abot this, please?
> Thank you very much in advance!
> César F. Acebal
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