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SubjectRE: PATCH: ide-scsi.c to allow claiming of Onstream drives
Hi Andre,

Sorry for not keeping you up to date properly!
I thought you were already following the osst
mailing list activity (

In any case, the idea is _not_ to get rid of ide-tape,
but rather to get the maximum out of osst that we can.
Ofcourse, using the one driver for all scsi, ide and
usb drives with a QIC172 command set will make tapes
completely interchangeable by default, which is nice.
And the 'ide disconnect' emulation is just a corollary
of our Windows activities after a sudden brainwave when
the existing ide-scsi emulation layer was mentioned.

The ide-tape driver still has some special features
-like the pipeline- that can make it a more attractive
choice for some users. So it's still on my wish list
to have the logical format of ide-tape adapted to be
identical to the latest one that osst uses.

And finally, we'll be having more 157 devices soon,
in an IDE version first, perhaps followed by SCSI and
USB afterwards (not decided on, so don't quote that).
The idea is that st should work without any changes, in
conjunction with ide-scsi or usb-storage as appropriate.
So st should reject those devices that are serviced by
osst. Couldn't we just let osst claim them first or is
that too simple? Similarly for ide-tape and ide-scsi +
osst. If whoever comes first services the drive, then
the other driver can still be loaded for other devices.
I suppose it would have to be made very clear to the user
how to obtain the correct load order.



-----Original Message-----
From: Andre Hedrick
To: Willem Riede
Cc: Matthew Dharm; Gadi Oxman; Linux SCSI list; Kernel Developer List; Linus
Torvalds; Kai Makisara; Bombeeck, Jack
Sent: 14-9-00 1:53
Subject: Re: PATCH: ide-scsi.c to allow claiming of Onstream drives

> The second patch that Matt refers to inserts that logic into st so
> it does not try to support these drives and fails due to the drive
> particulars. Since SCSI, USB and IDE versions of these drives exist,
> patching st is more appropriate than ide-scsi.

Okay I am a mushroom, keep feeding me crap and I will stay in the dark.

If this is the case go for it! I just hadn not heard anything from Jack
Bombeeck but regardless, if it is covered and it will detect the
differenct in headers and reject as neede, cool.


Andre Hedrick
The Linux ATA/IDE guy

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