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SubjectRe: sb driver oops in 2.4.0-test8 [BUG found]
Here is some more info about this problem:

The trouble is caused by the driver's attempt to find multiple
soundblaster cards. Specifying multiple=0 as a module option for sb fixes
the problem. Note, however, this quote from the Documentation/Soundblaster

multiple=0 Set to disable detection of multiple Soundblaster cards.
Consider it a bug if this option is needed, and send in a

So, this is a bug then!

The function init_sb in drivers/sound/sb_card.c contains a detection loop
from card=0..SB_CARDS_MAX. This doesn't work, however, because the
second time around it uses the same module parameters (DMA/IRQ/IO) and
hence attempts to detect the exact same card instance. The result is not
only that no second card is found, which is ok in my case, but the
originally detected card is screwed up as well.

I'm not sufficiently familiar with the driver to know what it should
do. Could it be that once it can't find a card via isapnp it should bail
out from this loop?


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