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Subject[PATCH][2.4.0t8] linux_logo.h merge for mips/64 and sparc/64

Just next useless patch [Linus should really put me in his .procmailrc]...
It removes unnecessary 90kb from kernel sources.

I moved common code from:
- include/asm-mips/linux_logo.h and include/asm-mips64/linux_logo.h
to include/linux/linux_logo_mips.h
- include/asm-sparc/linux_logo.h and include/asm-sparc64/linux_logo.h
to include/linux/linux_logo_sparc.h

Patch is really big (284kb) so it is bzipped2 (22kb).

It is untested. Please give me some Mips/Mips64/Sparc/Sparc64 to test it

BTW I like idea of generic (for all archs), smartly designed/written (and
with decent documentation) kernel-debbuger. Like Luke I could
"disable" it, but I need something to disable...

[ This for sure will take me to ~Linus/.procmailrc :-) ]

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz
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