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SubjectRe: Distro kernel patches (was Re: Linux 2.2.18pre4)
   Date: 	Wed, 13 Sep 2000 06:08:04 -0700
From: Chip Salzenberg <>

[1] I understand the RAID issue with disk format compatibility, which
makes the current RAID patch unacceptable for official 2.2 usage.
I just wish somebody would *solve* that issue.[2]
[2] Having complained about a problem, have I just volunteered myself
to solve it? (HHOS)

It's an especially amusing situation especially since no vendor has
shipped a distribution without the raid patches applied to their
kernel for almost 2 years now.

I'd say at least 9 out of 10 people using raid, are using the raid

In fact you could almost consider it a bug that stock 2.2.x kernels
are not on-disk compatible with 9 out of 10 raid installations out
there :-)

David S. Miller
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