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SubjectRe: (reiserfs) Re: More on 2.2.18pre2aa2
On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:

> On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, Mitchell Blank Jr wrote:
> >The "large queue" goes against the whole point of this exercise - that
> >is that if there are many items in the "queue" being sorted then
> >unlucky requests can end up waiting a long time to get serviced.
> Yep.

Ehmm... that large queue is a backlog of I/O requests. Since that's a
function of the workload and the disk speed, you can't reduce it without
either cutting the workload or speeding up the disk!

I suspect we were talking at cross purposes here a little. I was NOT
suggesting holding back requests to build up a big queue - I was talking
about the situation where we have a large backlog of requests pending.


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